Long relationship and friendship on WhatsApp

Sarah 29 years of Saudi Arabia, look for a pair Khellouk Mterpa affectionate 
and romantic, provided me live in Saudi Arabia, and my recipe box Mo Long
 And not short
, linear average, and affectionate and humble and receptive, and well off, and thankfully,
 I have my possessions for a spare ground and Buildings, what I look for is the peace of mind
happiness with a husband who understands and affectionate and sincere in his feelings. Any person 
who meets the qualities de Araslani across the bottom of topic comments Ende and I Htsal person to the specifications to Baddi Yaha and the only way to communicate with me are the comments Facebook in the bottom of the subject site, so I can well the person to where I want to specifications. And wishing the site will be 
a good omen for all of us